Touch Articles

1. The Cutting Edge of Haptics

  • New technologies are being invented in order to trick to the human mind that a completely flat surface actually has a variety of textures.
  • If technology can influence what we touch, how do we know what we are touching is really what we are touching?

2. Touch Illusions

  • There are a variety of different ways to fool the sense of touch; whether is it done by crossing some fingers or plunging one’s hands into water, the mind is able to alter what we feel.
  • To what extent is touch a physical sense or a matter of the mind?

3. 10 Psychological Effects of a Nonsexual Touch

  • Here we see that strategic touching can alter the person being touched’s mind; hence, touch can be used as not only a sensory tool but a tool for convincing others as well.
  • To what extent are we unconsciously influenced by touch?

4. Kissing Device Lets You Send a Long-Distance Smooch

  • Basically, there is a device that allows one to transmit a kiss online to a partner far away.
  • With developing technology, to what extent to humans need the company of other humans?

5. A Touch of Understanding; Gene Tweak Opens Sensory Black Box

  • Scientists openly acknowledge the complexity of the sense “touch.”
  • How do new advances in research show the extent to which humans crave knowledge?

6. Dating With Science

  • According to science, a simple touch is sometimes all one needs to make someone more attracted to them.
  • How much of a relationship is based upon unconscious touch?


Sound Articles

1. The Cocktail Party Effect

  • As humans, we are very good at filtering what we hear; however, sometimes this can lead to missing what we were filtering out consciously or unconsciously.
  • To what extent is what we hear dependent upon what we want to hear?

2. How Does Sound Affect Creativity

  • The volume of sound we are surrounded by can influence our creativity and productivity both positively and negatively.
  • How can we use knowledge to increase productivity?

3. The Sound of Taste

  • Researchers have found that the sounds we experience while eating has a large effect on the experience of the food.
  • To what extent are our sense interconnected?

4. “The Medium is the Massage”: A Kitchen Sink of Sound

  • The sounds used in movies can have a great effect upon the audience; skilled directors use sound to make the audience feel… feelings.
  • To what extent is a movie in the pictures or the sound?

5. Beethoven’s Deafness Influences His Music

  • Beethoven’s deafness may have helped him compose his various pieces; based on what he could hear when his pieces were played, he chose to compose his songs in different tones.
  • How are we influenced consciously or unconsciously by sound?

6. World’s Largest Natural Sound Archive

  • In this vast world exists an archive of thousands of sounds; nature’s instrument?
  • To what extent does technology help us organize and sustain information?