Response to PDF

It really interested me to read this article, for it presented easy to miss facts in such a form that one questions why they were missed in the first place. Furthermore, it also interested me in the first paragraph when the author stated that people were always clamoring to say information that must be believed. It painted in my head a mountain of people all groping for people, making them pay attention to them. It honestly reminded me of various people like doctors or professors drilling information into their listener’s heads.

As far as the line, “the creative mine fashions the world in which we live,” I found it to be very though provoking, and relatively true. In this day and age, there is a demand for innovation, and how do we innovate? By being creative. The creative minds are the minds which will fashion our world, with new innovations and new ideas. Even though they may not be able to execute their ideas, I feel there cannot be innovation without the original idea. Our world is coming to the point where the creative minds rule.

Thoughts about the video

The video is very interesting as well, and shows an interesting perspective on the various aspects of hidden information. I like how it balanced the cigarette and global warming issue for I was never bored with one subject. It brought up some very valid points about how information can be skewed and how much the common man can be influenced by it. It was actually sort of scary to think that so many people started smoking even if it was so bad for them just because companies were able to create a false dispute. It makes me question which facts are truly worth noting and which are forced upon me.


Above is a montage of various side effects on various drug commercials. It highlights the various techniques used to distract the consumer while the drug company supposedly “warns” of its side effects that no one will likely remember.