I have created this video, showing my belief that “white crayons are not useless.” In it, I show how people may consider the white crayon useless just because it does not show up on white paper. As the video progresses, I highlighted the different uses for the white crayon and made the white crayon a metaphor for people who may not be skilled in ways others are.

This belief has been with me throughout my life; however, it is only until recently that it grew into a concrete thought in my mind. As a student, I have always been considered to be on the more intelligent side of the spectrum, but I feel I can empathize with students who struggle. My best friend is not what one would call “school smart” however through connecting with her and becoming friends with her, I have learned she is so much more than what people give her credit for. She is able to think outside the box, is the most creative person I know, and I often find myself slightly jealous of her talents. Although I hope I was always able to see that everyone has their own special skills, it was not until recently that I started to think about my belief on a regular basis.

Notes about creation:
The first several slides in the video show black text on a white background, but at the end I put white text on a white background. I chose to do this for I thought it would be an interesting transition to enforce what I mentioned in the video.
Furthermore, I made sure to cut and paste the music to fit the video. I wanted to capture the mood in the video, so I decided to take care in creating the right flow.