This essay is about a woman’s battle with liver cancer. She tells how the cancer, no matter how many surgeries she had endured, always succeeded in coming back, and the death sentence that every bout brought. Her doctors had told her she had three months to live, and the experience had changed her life. She is now a survivor and had learned to live her life by enjoying the small things. She now has a better perspective on the value of life, and although the cancer was a life threatening event, she has found it gave her a new outlook. Throughout the article, the author did not really talk about how her life was before the cancer, however I feel she was able to support her belief well by sharing her experience. The words flowed off the paper and sounded like she was next to me telling me a story, which made for a more interesting article, for it made me want to read more after the words had run out.

As an aspiring oncologist, I found this article very interesting. It gave me a look into the survivor’s life, and has made me want to strive for more. I have done novice research on the topic of cancer, which makes me want to pursue a career as an oncologist even more, for I have an understanding of what patients must go through and would would to be part of the process to support them, and hopefully help them recover.