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Brain’s Language Center Has Multiple Roles by Anne Trafton, MIT News Office

This article gives insight into how people previously viewed Broca’s area as only a part of the brain responsible for language and speech production. However, it tells about a new study which was conducted, showing that the area functions when people attempt to solve math problems, and hold things in their working memory. Thus, it raises the question: is Broca’s area specific to language, or does it have more of a general role in overall cognition? To answer this question, researchers at MIT have conducted studies, and have found that Broca’s area – singular – should actually be considered as two separate areas (plural). In essence, the team has found findings which point to Broca’s area actually being Broca’s areas. With this finding, researchers may now be able to map out the function of the brain easier now that they have new insight into the working of the brain.


  1. In what way does labeling help or hinder us?</li>
  2. Why is knowledge static or changing?