Stop motion depiction of quote, “What a sad era when it is easier to smash an atom than a prejudice.” – Albert Einstein

In this project, my partner and I needed to chose a famous quote and depict it through a movie, stop motion style. We mostly used construction paper and a whole lot of stills to make the entire thing.

We decided to use paper instead of hand-drawing so we could move the paper items and take stills every time instead of having to draw individual images and taking pictures of them. Throughout the process I learned how to use iMovie (I did not really know how to before) and am really happy for I am certain I will need to use it again in the future. Although I usually cringe at the thought of having to make a video, I found this project fun for it was an interesting combination of art and technology. 

To do all of the kinetic typography, I needed to find a simple and user friendly way to create it, for I am Photoshop illiterate. This being said, I ended up typing everything in Microsoft Word, which I am more familiar with. I simply drew a shape with the shape drawing tool on the program, inserted textboxes where I wanted, and played around with the text. In between words, I simply took a screen shot and uploaded the screen shots to iMovie in order to create the kinetic typography effect.